Earn EDG tokens by participating in EDGELESS bounty program
There are 10 000 000 EDG tokens provided for Edgeless Bounty Program
The Crowdsale price for EDG token: 1000 EDG = 1 ETH

Twitter bounty program

Facebook bounty program

Blog/ News article bounty program

Translation bounty program

Local community management bounty program

Bitcointalk signature and avatar bounty

Signature for Member and Jr. Member. 30 stakes per week

[b]EDGELESS.IO — New Era Of Casino [/b] || [url=http://edgeless.io][b]ICO[/b][/url] || [b][url=http://bit.ly/2iZN12A]DISCUSSION[/url][/b]

Signature for Full member. 50 stakes per week

[b][url=http://edgeless.io][color=navy]EDGELESS.IO - New Era Of Casino (0% Edge And Full Transparency)[/color][/url][/b] || [url=http://edgeless.io][b][color=black]ICO[/color][/b][/url] || [b][url=http://bit.ly/2iZN12A][color=black]DISCUSSION[/color][/url][/b]

Signature for Sr. Member, Hero or Legendary. 80 stakes per week.

[center][table][td] [size=24pt][b][url=https://www.edgeless.io/][color=navy]EDGELESS.IO[/color][/url][/b][/size][/td]  [td][b] [size=12pt]New Era Of Casino (0% Edge And Full Transparency)[/size][/b] [b] [url=https://www.edgeless.io/][size=12pt][color=green]JOIN THE ICO[/size][/url] | [url=http://bit.ly/2iZN12A][size=12pt][color=green]JOIN THE DISCUSSION[/color][/size][/url][/b][/td] [/tr] [/table][/center]

How to receive rewards after the crowdsale?