First Ethereum based casino

Experience fully transparent and 0% edge gambling online.

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Why edgeless?

Majority of Online Casinos Are Rigged. That’s Why We
Launched the First Fully Transparent Casino in the World

Simply can’t cheat

All our games run on an Ethereum Smart Contract. Because of that, casino has literally no technical possibilities to cheat.

Perfectly Equal

We offer games that are solely based on skill and luck. If played well, player will have a 0% edge gambling experience.

Instant Money Deposits

Instant and cost-effective crypto-currency transfers provide instant money deposits & withdraws for every player, while regular casinos hold your money for 1 - 3 days.

The games

Black Jack
Sports Betting

The problem

Traditional Online Casino Bitcoin Casino Edgeless Ethereum Casino
House Edge 1 – 5 % 1 – 0.1 % 0%
Free money withdrawals and deposits
No delay to money withdrawals and deposits
Transparency guided by Ethereum smart contract
Random number fairness check
Impossible for intentional casino profits draining

We are unique

We dream about the gambling world where players win or lose because of their skill or luck – not because of someone’s will. To achieve this, we came up with an innovative idea to improve existing casino games with Etherium Smart Contract blockchain which alowed our team to develop EDGELESS – first Fully Trasnparent Casino in the World. This ensures the best gambling experience ever.

The buzz

“It’s not just the 0 percent edge that differentiates; it also plans to be the first “decentralized” online casino site”


“Imagine a situation where the House has Zero Edge & doesn’t stand to gain anything from distorting the outcome; a new kind of trust can be gained.”


This Quarter (Q3)

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